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Movie Review: “Tron Legacy”- a Little Danger Please?


Do you remember the video game Tron from back in 1982?  I begged my parents for quarters, but the game was too damn hard for me at 5 years-old, and I would soon beg off searching for the nearest Ms. Pacman or Frogger after losing about fifty cents.  Sure the movie was cool, but besides glowing motorcycles and Day-Glo Frisbees, I don’t remember a thing.

Enter Tron 2010, which I will say entertained me more than I expected, since I knew from the US reviews that it wasn’t the second coming of Citizen Kane.   Über-geek gets sucked into video game world to fight some bad guys.  Oh, and there are some corporate types causing trouble, but that sub-plot is unceremoniously discarded as-  let’s be honest- we are only there to see some Day-Glo bikes and Frisbees.  IN 3-D!!  Not only that, there is a scene where some Robo-Chicks strip our hero down and put him in cyber-gear which shall no doubt light fire in the dreams of many nerds until they are old enough to discover “Princess Leah in a Gold Bikini.”

The visual spectacle sufficed, but what this movie lacked was a little danger.  I know this a tall order for the Disney team, but where is the edge?  A little subversion?  I needed a little less Forest Gump and a little more Fifth Element to recommend this film any farther than its obvious target of junior high schoolers.  The actor playing the hero is vanilla-boring, and I honestly nodded off right before they arrived at the rave/discotheque which reignited my interest for a few minutes.   High point of watching this in Japan?  The last name of the lead character “Flynn” phonetically means “Adultery”(不倫) in Japanese, so I was snickering when he went to the “Adultery Video Arcade” and there was Adultery all over the movie.  Subtitles of course.  My friends, that is as exciting as it gets.  And, yes, I’ll buy the soundtrack.

IG rating: 60/100

Final verdict: Mindless fun and some nice SFX.

  • Roseann

    I RARELY get out BUT a girl has gotta see the “latest BALLET” flick
    Saw Black Swan, liked it , loved the music… Slow to start. Natalie Portman brings her A-game and may be looking @ a Best Actress nod. Her DANCING is awesome, which makes her SWAN take flight!!!
    BUT folks NOTHING
    will EVER compare to THE RED SHOES !!! A MUST!!