I.G. Advice: Why is There No Looting in Japan?

Dear Charles, (After the quake in Japan), I read a whole article talking about how amazing it is there is not looting.  The reason given, the Japanese are actually civilized. What makes Japanese more civilized than the rest of the world?  I think it must be all the vending machines (HA!).

Astro Watch: Welcome the Equinox!!

Hello, finally after a few days to compose myself, I should be back on track!  And what better time to start anew than the equinox! Today is the vernal (spring) equinox, and I thought I would do a follow up to my original equinox post from earlier this month.  I asked The AstroTwins, Tali and…

I.G. Update

Hello friends, I.G. went on momentary hiatus during this earthquake crisis.  Of all the feelings I had this past week, well, glamorous was not one of them.  I will turn the beat around and get back to form tout de suite.  Lots of love, Charles

My Account of the Quake from Tokyo

So today people are very solemn, and the train home was completely silent.  I still feel a bit dizzy/motion sickness.  The occasional after shock will jolt my apartment.  People have raided the convenience stores of water and flashlights, and half of the businesses on my street are closed.

I.G. Advice: Harnessing Mystical Equinox Romance

Dear Charles, The spring equinox is approaching us quickly, and I know that in many cultures this is a time of astrological importance.  Not only this, but I have been single for 6 long, excruciating years.  How can I bring a little mystic enchantment into my love life for spring-

I.G. Advice: Angry Cougar Wants Revenge

Dear Charles, I am a Canadian woman teaching in Busan, Korea.  I stay in pretty good shape for 38, and I still turn the heads of younger men.  I don’t know when “Cougar” officially begins, but I believe I am entering into Puma-like waters.  

I.G. Advice: Tokyo Train Plague

Dear Charles, What is the etiquette when someone sits next to you on the train with a terrible cough?  A seat on a long train ride is always a blessing, but these days people don’t use masks when they have a cold, and they spread their germs all over the place with every cough.  What would…