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Media Watch Monday: Gay Marriage Causes Angel Rape


The other day on the Superficial, I read a fascinating article about how 100 Club zealot Pat Robertson thinks gay marriage in New York will lead to angel rape. Of course he then trots out that old chestnut about Sodom and Gomorrah, and how the virtuous Lot offers his virgin daughters as rape victims so his guests, the angels, don’t get raped.

Now I am not making light of rape. Rape is something that cannot be sugarcoated. But come on! Really? Like I got nothing better to do that sit around and rape angels all day. Bend over Gabriel, I’m gonna make your halo change colors and your head spin. Do these 100 Club nut-cases really think the gays of the world are rubbing their hands together in eager anticipation of anally violating said cherubim? Like I’m gonna waste my time on some angel cooze when I could be down in San Francisco’s SoMa having a blast with the Fulton Street leather daddies and fetish crowd. I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

But seriously, Pat Robertson going on and on about New York gay marriage causes angel rape makes me want to leave America again.

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