Betty White Kicks Paris Hilton’s Ass

A smile from Betty White is most likely to get US Americans to buy crap. Such is the thoroughly researched findings of PR firm Ipsos. Whether the Golden Girl is hawking corn dogs, disaster insurance or Ford Mustangs, Betty White is the celebrity that Americans trust most. Denzel Washington, Support Impossibly Glamorous! You can do…

I.G. Advice: Gay BF Loves Illicit Sex

Dear Charles, I have a dilemma I want to ask you about. I am a gay male in a long-term, semi-open relationship. I say semi-open in that we’re both keeping options open (ahem read: sleeping around) but have built our lives around each other in every other aspect except for sex.

Good Karma: London Clean on Social Media

Wednesday I bring good karma and more with some piece of good news. Today, I learned that after the youth of London had gone on a terrifying rampage over the city assisted by Twitter and Blackberries, people were out to take back Londontown with the same social media. Support Impossibly Glamorous! You can do so…

Troll Patrol: Downgrade This, Mothafucka!!

OK, I graduated with my Master’s in the worthless toilet paper of a degree great and scholarly venture known as Asian Studies so I am still learning basic econ. I have been scouring the papers extra hard to learn what the Standard and Poor’s downgrade does. So we are downgraded from AAA to AA+? I…

Friday STFU Award: Representative Boner

OK, I wanted to be all positive and kumbaya on my site, but this just fucking gets me so riled up. The US rating has been DOWNGRADED. S&P fucking downgraded the US Government to the same level as like Zaire, which means the US government bonds are worth like 2 twinkies and