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Betty White Kicks Paris Hilton’s Ass


A smile from Betty White is most likely to get US Americans to buy crap. Such is the thoroughly researched findings of PR firm Ipsos. Whether the Golden Girl is hawking corn dogs, disaster insurance or Ford Mustangs, Betty White is the celebrity that Americans trust most. Denzel Washington,

Sandra Bullock and Clint Eastwood follow White in the likability department. Who knew?

In contrast to the resurgence of Betty-mania, pollsters ranked Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen as among the least liked celebs #winning #isntshelucky. Bottoming out the list of least liked celebrities is Paris Hilton as America’s most useless celebrity. I personally don’t dislike Paris. I think she should have owned the sex tape thing a little more, that is, been more like,” Yeah, I was in a nasty, grainy sex tape, and I liked it.” Instead she was all, “Boo hoo, how could they do this to me?” #stfu. BITCH YOU FUCKED IN FRONT OF A CAMERA!! Don’t act all surprised we found out after becoming famous for it!!

Cry all you want honey

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