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Daily Zeitgeist: Dido Names Child After Psychopath


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Remember Dido? Neither did I. She had a half a hit with “Thank You” back in the early noughties (don’t worry, I’ll post it below). Then she had a megahit with Eminem when he re-appropriated that song for his track about a deranged psychopath fan named “Stan” that murders his girlfriend. For me, Dido’s work is very evocative of a certain post 9-11 melancholy. Anyway she popped out a baby, and Dido basically cursed this kid forever by naming it Stanley. Come on, that is messed up. I mean if your parents named you “Manson” after Charles or “Mussy” after Mussolini, you wouldn’t exactly be happy to know this would you? She might as well just call the juvenile detention center now and get her son a warm cell he can move into about 2022. Hopefully he turns out alright—loony tune parents have a way of churning out fabulously well-adjusted chirruns (sometimes). Dido thinks she is being clever, but I think little Stanley will be bitter about this. I do look forward to her subsequent children which will no doubt be named Attila, Belatrix and Caligula.

Here to jog your memory of this quasi-one hit wonder is the 2001 Grammy-winning song. Excuse me now and let me find my CD of Shifty Shellshock singing “Butterfly.”

Image of Dido by Kura Kun. Story source CBS News.