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The Top Impossibly Glamorous Posts of 2011


It has been just over a year since we launched Impossibly Glamorous from my apartment in trendy Nakano district, Tokyo. In the past year I have lived through the earthquake in Japan, moved to San Francisco, broken a few hearts and released my eponymous book, Impossibly Glamorous. Have a look at the top posts of 2011 here at Impossibly Glamorous. The worldwide response has been phenomenal!! THANK YOU! OBRIGADO!!

1. Duchess of Alba – The Spanish rose pictured above is a BILLIONAIRE duchess in Spain. She foiled a gold digger’s plot in 2011’s most popular post READ HERE

2. Olivier Green became notorious in “Project Runway 9” for a his dislike of creating clothes for natural female curves (i.e. boobs). Season 9 kind of sucked, but “Project Runway All Stars” premieres on January 5, 2012!! READ HERE about Olivier Green’s famous gaffes.

3. The response to my 3 posts on Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies, has been amazing. Read my interview with the openly gay Brit who decided to retire with his partner to the nation of TURKEY right here. Expect more Xtravaganza Interviews on the way.

4. A reader wrote in asking about role-playing suggestions. It seems like many people wanted to play, “Stable boy cannot control his urge to touch the flesh of the Duchess.” That along with my ideas to dress as Disney princes, Fedex boys and more got thousands of hits. READ HERE

5. Back on the subject of billionaires, the glitterati screamed “SCANDALE!” when it was revealed that Linda Evangelista’s baby daddy was the same billionaire that fathered Salma Hayek’s child. Salma officially got pwned!! READ HERE

6. I was in fact in Tokyo during the 2011 earthquake and subsequent Fukushima nuclear disaster. You can read my first hand account of the happenings here.

7. One of the major news stories of the year was the passing of “Mr. Ronery” King Jong Il. Just as important was the ascension of his chunky nugget spawn Kim Jong Un to the despot’s place. This meme gallery of “HUNGRY Kim Jong Un” is sure to make you laugh.

8. Rheumatism. Walkers. Old folks home. None of these are things you should be worrying about as your turn 30. That didn’t stop a hysterical gay man from freaking out over the BIG 3-0! Have a look at my advice to him here!!

9. How is life in San Francisco? I expected it just to be a bunch of gay guys and hippies with flowers in their hair. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Have a look at my life in the Bay, and my advice to a native New Yorker who is considering a move to SF. READ HERE.

10. Impossibly Glamorous is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek. None of you can see me here in my SF Giant’s hoodie I have worn for 3 days stuffing my face with Snickerdoodles (YUM!). Have a look at what I think “Impossibly Glamorous” means HERE.

And if you want to read the book Impossibly Glamorous, try out that new Kindle Fire or Nook your grandma got you and buy my book online at the links below. It is the best $2.99 you will ever spend! HAVE A FABULOUS end of the year and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT YEAR!


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