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World Charts: Brazil Thursday


When I first decided to do Brazil Thursdays, I expected more samba and dancing. Little did I know Brazil’s music buying public seems really into weird country-sounding ballads. Just trust me on this. Anyway I found a nice track bout #7 on the Brazilian charts called “Céu Azul” (Blue Sky) by a skate rock group called Charlie Brown Jr. I thought the name odd, and then I looked up their Wiki:

” The band would continue to have shows in the city (São Paolo) without an official name until Chorão (a member) crashed his car in a coconut shack that was named ‘Charlie Brown Jr.'”

YASSSS! Only in Brazil would there exist a coconut shack called Charlie Brown Jr. I like “Céu Azul” well enough, but they straight up ripped off “Malibu” by Hole. You do not straight up swagger jack Courtney Love and expect to get away with it. I guess Frances Bean Cobain will have to show up in São Paolo with a sawed-off shotgun and teach Charlie Brown Jr. about royalties and such. Compare for yourself — both songs are below.