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World Charts: Brazil Thursdays “Férias em Salvador”


OK OK, I get it. The Brazilian pop charts seem full of a bunch of sleepy ballads right now. So I will introduce two Brazilian songs today, the first one not on the chart at all. A Brazilian rocker friend told me about CSS which stands for “Cansei de Ser Sexy”. Wikipedia informs me this means “I’m tired of being sexy.” All I know is it is electro and rockin’ and from my dream country, Brasil!! Check the video with some prom girls beating each other up. To me it sounds slightly Sonic Youth with some dirty synths. I’ll post a proper chart song below that.

OK, did you have fun? So actually popular in the land of açai and impossibly beautiful people is a song by Fernando and Sorocabo called “Ferias em Salvador” (Vacation in Salvador). I know Salvador de Bahia is one of the best Carnavales in Brazil outside of Rio. I would like to go there … for permanent vacation!!