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World Charts: Brazil Thursdays


Because along with beautiful people and healthy açai juice, Brazil is famous for some beautiful music. From my half-assed attempt to learn Portuguese I know that this song involves a lot of “Beijo no boca” (kisses on the lips)  and “Cheiro da pele” (smell of the skin). OK, I totally didn’t learn that Portuguese from Rosetta Stone, just work with me people. Below is “Juras de Amor” which Google Translate tells me means “Juras of Love” … like I couldn’t have figured that out on my own. Fuckin’ thanks a lot Google Translate. If someone knows what “Juras” means please tell me. Does it have to do with “Jurassic Park”? Maybe a “Jury”? MEU DEUS!!

Bruno & Marrone, “Juras de Amor”

This is actually #5 on the Brazilian Singles Chart. #1 is Rihanna, but you can hear that everywhere from Boise to Bora Bora, so I wanted something actually in Brazilian Portuguese! Um beijão pra você!