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Brazil Thursdays – ‘Céu Azul’ Charlie Brown Jr.


1. ‘The One That Got Away’ – Katy Perry

2. ‘Férias em Salvador’ Fernando & Sorocaba

3. ‘Céu Azul’ – Charlie Brown Jr.

So this week, I want to revisit a song I introduced in December, ‘Céu Azul’ (Blue Sky) by Charlie Brown Jr. Even though it is a pretty blatant rip off is strangely similar to Hole’s ‘Malibu,’ I think it is pretty chill and the song takes me to Copacabana Beach. Speaking of beaches, they named their band after a coconut shack that one of the members crashed their car into (as you do). I wonder what that does to your insurance premium? I’d like to see the sales rep’s face at State Farm when they ask, “Ever been in any accidents.”

“Yes, once. Coconut Shack. Came outta nowhere.”

Anyway, this is my favorite of the Brazilian songs I’ve introduced in the past couple months, and I think it deserves a repeat since they have an alternate video and the song has climbed up to #3 from #7. If you want to hear the Hole song they plagiarized were inspired by here is the link.

Um beijão pra você!