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Daily Zeitgeist: Blackout Affects Slacker Students


So Wikipedia blacked out. Now I know why, but at first I didn’t understand why SOPA was so bad. Stop piracy? I’m not a pirate anyway. Does Impossibly Glamorous look like the place to download bootleg ‘Buffy the Vampire’ reruns?  Methinks not. Sure I got a couple Xtina remixes off Napster in 1999, but piracy is sooo not fetch. Who gives a toss? Well anyway The New York Times lectured me on why SOPA makes bloggers cry digital tears of melancholy:

“The bills, the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House and the Protect IP Act in the Senate, are backed by major media companies and are mostly intended to curtail the illegal downloading and streaming of TV shows and movies online. But the tech industry fears that, among other things, they will give media companies too much power to shut down sites that they say are abusing copyrights” (The New York Times).

Certainly this is a contentious issue and new territory for IP Law. Tonight college slackers across the country are moaning and grunting at their monitors as they have no Wikipedia to directly plagiarize quote for their theses. Reddit and Boing Boing have joined the crusade so that means no more Scumbag Steve or Philosophy Raptor memes for you for the next 24 hours. How will we manage? Actually this would make a good first world problem meme. “Needed to write term paper on The Great Gatsby. Wikipedia Blackout.” I would create that meme, but quickmeme has joined the BLACKOUT, as well!!

Please go write your Congressman now from Wikipedia’s nightmarish blacked out screen here.

Image source: obviously not Wikipedia