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World Charts: K-Pop Saturdays – T-ara Women are Dangerous Divas


1. T-ara ‘Lovey-Dovey’

2. Dynamic Duo ‘Without You’

3. T-ara & Davici ‘We Used to Be in Love’

Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 (link)

So Saturday is now my K-Pop day, simply because the creative output of South Korea is astonishing nowadays. Sure it is regular bubble-gum pop, but it is well-produced and catchy and most of the Asians I meet even here in San Francisco are listening to it. A new era has truly begun. So this first week we start with ‘Lovey Dovey’ which has a misleadingly cutesy name. The video is ridiculously long, like Ten Commandments long, and it tells the story of some girls that get caught up with some mafiosi drug dealing types. Murder, kidnapping and drug dealing are on the agenda making it a rather tumultuous tale. Also, the sulky lead girl with short hair keeps going to this taco stand by the ocean to meet with this brooding mysterious guy. All I have to say is the drug dealers all have really good skin. Do they Clinique every night? Is it the kim-chee? Someone in Seoul please enlighten me. They might make a commercial, “Even if you deal crystal meth and kidnap cute girls, you too can have beautiful skin. Easy, breezy beautiful. Cover Girl.” OK, maybe not.