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Ess Eff! Things I Do Like!


Since people think I am some hater, I made a list of things I do like in SF. It still makes me laugh that people got so bent outta shape about my Bay Area Reporter piece. I suppose irony is lost on people with low IQs. I do like a lot of things here, which is why I chose SF when I really could have gone anywhere when I left Japan. Let’s have a think…
1. The weather: I dislike extremely hot or cold weather, so I like the year-round mildness. My area is very foggy, and I like the Gothy, film noir moodiness. It’s very unique!
2. SoMa and Castro: Though I rarely drink, I like there is usually somewhere happening with people. I kind of wish the music in the gay bars was a little more up-to-date – I feel like I’m hearing the same tired remixes of Lady Gaga from 3 years ago. It’s a small complaint, I like the scene in general.
3. Diversity: On my block alone we have Latino, African-American, Chinese, Filipino and Gothic lesbian households. I think my friends with multi-racial backgrounds like that they have more peers here.
4. Major Tours: Trust me growing up in Kansas City it was annoying to always see Madonna or Prince touring and they often skipped KC. Major tours seem to hit HP Pavilion, the Cow Palace or Oracle Arena.
5. Decent Radio: I like the hip hop and R&B stations here, and the rock station the Bone. The Top 40 stations are slow to program new music compared to LA or NYC, though. Oh, and LOVE openly gay personalities Fernando and Greg.
6. Museums: DeYoung and others are great. I love the LGBT History one in the Castro.
7. Dore Alley and Folsom: Don’t ask me to work the Monday after these events. The Furries might be holding me hostage!
8. Tech Boom: Silicon Valley/SF are ground zero for YouTube (Google), Facebook, Twitter, Apple. I went to an awesome alumni event at the Googleplex in Mountain View – C’est incroyable!
9. Food Culture: I like that people have health-conscious food on their minds. I like my Mission burritos, too.
10. Magnet/Queer Resources – I like there are a lot of community and gay resources. They have a great community outreach!
There are other things I can think of, but that’s all I’ll write for now.

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