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“10 Cloverfield Lane” Movie Review


John Goodman

Every family has one. You see it all the time on Facebook and other social media: the conspiracy theorist. Whether they are 9-11 Truthers or trying to convince you about FEMA camps, almost everyone has that one outspoken friend or relative that you simply KNOW has a bunker built in their backyard complete with iodine drops (for nuclear radiation) and large stores of canned Pork n’ Beans. We all laugh about their tin foil hats, but what if one day your “Prepper” friend turns out to be correct?

Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) was having a bad day already. She had just left her fiancé by poignantly placing her key and her ring on the night stand and then driving off. Understandably she keeps getting distracted by her iPhone as her man keeps trying to get in touch with her (don’t text and drive, kids!), and she gets in an accident. She next wakes up in a basement chained to the wall. John Goodman reveals himself to be the person who either saved her or kidnapped her. Goodman is noticeably more plump than even his Roseanne days, and the added heft actually works to his favor, since he looks more burly and menacing.

I won’t reveal anymore, as the movie has plenty of surprises. I will say it was suspenseful, and I put in a vote for “go see it.” I will be first in line for the sequel. The movie has plenty of stellar performances by Goodman, Winstead, and John Gallagher Jr. Now please excuse me while I go stock up on some iodine and Pork n’ Beans. Because… you never know…

PC Police: All the speaking characters in this movie are white.

Can I Take the Kids?: PG-13. Not excessive gore or profanity, but plenty of stuff that nightmares are made of.


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