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Barbershop The Next Cut: Sitcom in Waiting



The thing that most impressed me from Barbershop 3: The Next Cut was Ice Cube’s business acumen, because I imagine Cube and the other producers made a quite a bit of money off this. Cube filmed this on (I’m sorry to say) a sort of cheap looking set of a barbershop, but the camera makes sure to focus on corporate sponsors such as Smart Water and various other products. Frankly, it distracted from the more serious message of the movie regarding gang violence. 

Cube’s hustle impressed me but not much else did. For my new readers, I’ll explain my review system. I have 3 types of verdicts: watch it, stream it or skip it. When I say “watch it,” I mean go see it at a movie theater. “Steam it” means don’t spend money, just wait for Netflix or Hulu. This movie gets a firm “skip it.” They assembled the cast again with Eve, Cedric the Entertainer and even Nikki Minaj. There are a couple one liners that landed, but the movie really never decides if wants to be a comedy or a message about gang violence (while heartily endorsing Smart Water and Samsung Galaxy).

Though there are moments of enjoyment with Nikki Minaj mincing about in brightly colored jewelry and Cedric the Entertainer’s ad libs, I have to say what soured me on this movie was when the Indian American (as in Indian from Asia not Native American) goes on a diatribe about race relations and says, “I don’t like white people, either.”

Hey, maybe I wasn’t invited to this party (this sad party with lots of corporate shilling and cheap sets). And I’m sure a lot of the target audience feels this way. Well … I can’t really endorse a movie that makes me feel bad for sitting there having spent my hard earned money and my time on my day off. I’ve always done my best to be an ally to my friends of every race and persuasion. Yo, Cube. Can I get my $12.00 back? Yeah, you go sip on that Smart Water, Mr. Cube.

Verdict: skip it. Though Barbershop would make a cute sitcom (that I wouldn’t watch), I really hope they don’t make any more movies.


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