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“Captain America: Civil War”: Movie Review


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And here comes Jeremy Renner with his trusty bow and arrow …

The Avengers writers must hate Jeremy Renner. The 13th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a plethora of characters and action—each superhero one upping the other—and they always trot out Jeremy Renner with his bow and arrow. It looks so weak against the cavalcade of psychic mind bombs, Iron Man beams, spidey webs and shape shifting. And all poor Jeremy gets is some fancy archery.

Captain America: Civil War is decent enough popcorn fare. I don’t rate it a must-see, but if lots of action and explosions are enough to entertain you, thou shalt be entertained. I have to say as someone who is not a comic book reader, this edition was difficult to follow. A lot of the back story was not readily apparent to me, but it isn’t that deep an affair to begin with so I enjoyed it for what it was nonetheless.

In this edition of the Avengers, the UN wants to put the kibosh on all this superhero nonsense. Their colossal fights and explosions over the years have resulted in some unwanted casualties among civilians  The powers that be now wish to sanction Captain America’s shield and regulate Iron Man’s suit. Iron Man (still played by the unflappable Robert Downey Jr.) wants to work with the government while Captain America politely tells them they can kiss his leotard. The members choose sides and we have madness, I tell you! Sheer madness!

I wanted a couple hours of explosions and escapism and that’s what I got, but this is not the strongest nor wittiest film in the Avengers series.

Now is the time we must discuss the most important question of our time. What skin cream is Scarlett Johansson using? Whether she has very good genes or very good docs, she really has not aged a day since bursting onto the scene. Whatever it is, it is working and I want some.

Can I Take the Kids?: PG-13, but it all seemed pretty harmless. Lots of violence and explosions, but no nudity or excessive profanity that I remember.


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