My Apologies

I.G. Impossibly Glamorous has been neglected lately. I love anyone who reads these pages!  It is because I have major exciting news coming soon. Anticipate superiority. Un week-end très bonnes vacances! Charles

R&B Mondays: Why You Always Tryna Be Fresh??

Mondays kicks of my World Charts every week with good ole R&B/Hip Hop from the USA. Jay-Z and Kanye West hold steady at the top of Billboard’s R&B and Hip Hop chart, but I am guessing you probably heard that “N*ggas in Paris” song about 57 times this week, so we are going to bring…

My Account of the Quake from Tokyo

So today people are very solemn, and the train home was completely silent.  I still feel a bit dizzy/motion sickness.  The occasional after shock will jolt my apartment.  People have raided the convenience stores of water and flashlights, and half of the businesses on my street are closed.