I.G. Advice: Is Breaking Up Best?

Dear Charles: I read a lot of advice columns, and most of the questions answered are about lovers’ quarrels. It seems to be the case that, unless the couple is married, the advice writer suggest that the quarreling partners just “break up.” While I’m all for finding your soul mate,

I.G. Advice: Mixed Signals or Red Herring?

Hi King C, I met an absolutely wonderful girl named Claudia two weeks ago while singing karaoke with some friends, and we instantly hit it off.   She’s interesting, smart, beautiful, and get this—she won an international gymnastics competition in high school–WOW!!

I.G. Advice: Sexy Dynamite Misses Her Man

Dear Charles, I’m going through a rather traumatic time and desperately need your love guru advice.  Just recently I’ve gone through a pretty nasty break up with my boyfriend of six months, who I’ve had a previous four year booty call relationship. Our breakup was caused by past trust issues, mental freak outs on my…