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Bievenue à Impossibly Glamorous!

I am Charles St. Anthony, a bon vivant who serves as your host at this salon.

ABOUT CHARLES: After living in Japan for 12 years I left after the March 11 Earthquake in 2011. I released my autobiography Impossibly Glamorous (released under my maiden name Charles Ayres) detailing my life growing up as a raver in the Midwest and taking over New York and Japan. After the earthquake fiasco in Japan, I moved to San Francisco—you know, the first place you go after a big quake. After 3 years living in the gay Holy Land of San Francisco, to my surprise I had another book in me, and I quickly whipped out a “mini memoir” I called San Francisco Daddy.

Pull up a seat and let me entertain you. If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right.