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“Deadpool”: The Vanity of It All



Deadpool tells the tale of a snarky titular superhero (Ryan Reynolds), and the R-rated humor keeps you laughing the whole way through. Buoyed by great word of mouth, I went to this pic which I might have otherwise skipped, because I’d rather drill a hole in my head than watch another superhero franchise movie. I saw this movie and enjoyed it, but I had no idea this was supposed to be the 8th movie in the X-Men franchise. You don’t see Storm or Wolverine or anybody, but apparently this is the same universe. It just goes to show you can know nothing about comics and like this movie, because it is kind of stand alone.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is an assassin that gets revenge for people, and he meets his match with paramour Vanessa, your average prostitute/strip club waitress with a heart of gold. Well anyway, things happen and make Ryan Reynolds’ exquisite, Adonis-like visage really ugly, and this is basically a war crime so severe even Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein would say, “Bro, you are too cruel.” I mean Ryan becomes straight up hideous.

This movie is successful because it ascribes to the Naked Gun school of comedy, i.e. launch several jokes per minute throughout the movie and some of them are sure to land. I felt that the Deadpool character was supposed to be gay (Vanessa uses a strap-on on him, and Deadpool likes unicorns a lot). Also, Deadpool has a coin purse with Bernadette Peters on it. Young people might not know her, but Bernadette Peters is a real life Broadway legend featured in Annie and Into the Woods—I don’t think you can get much gayer than a Bernadette Peters coin purse. Maybe Deadpool is just like a gender non-conformist Brony, but it’s kind of like they wanted to write a gay superhero, but made him straight just so this movie could be bigger. They wanted Deadpool to “Play in Peoria,” as it were.

The movie basically has no plot, but I give it the Impossibly Glamorous certified #RingingEndorsement because it is pretty funny. Definitely great for Netflix or an airplane ride. Maybe at the theater if you especially want to see Ryan Reynolds’ butt crack 20 feet tall up on the silver screen multiple times. And what a fine butt crack it is. Even when Ryan Reynolds looks all charred up and nasty, his butt crack remains relatively in tact. So you can put your worries to rest.

PC Police: all the substantial characters in this movie are white, except one African American.

Can I Take the Kids?: What kind of parent are you? It’s rated R, which personally made me enjoy it more. Your kids will probably sneak out and watch it on HBO sometime when you sleep, because they heard about it from their older cousin or something, though.


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