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“Logan Lucky” Movie Review: Bleach Blonde Daniel Craig Is Kinda Creepy


At the center of Logan Lucky, Channing Tatum stands as the pillar that holds it all up. A lovesong to rural America, Tatum plays Jimmy Logan—a veteran with a wooden leg and a few crazy ideas on how to make money. Tatum’s magnetism holds this movie together, even if he is a little too good looking for the part. He’s supposed to be a loser who can’t even pay his phone bill. Oh, boo hoo. You have a wooden leg and can’t be a coal miner. Just to be clear I’m not making fun of actual disabled veterans. I just didn’t buy Tatum playing this Bozo when he’s impossibly attractive. I find difficulty mustering up sympathy—even with the overalls and a Dad bod, Channing Tatum still looks like he could walk right onto a Dolce & Gabbana fashion runway.

Anyway, Tatum got fired from a construction job, and he ropes his brother into a scheme to rob NASCAR with the help of creepy bleach blonde Daniel Craig. I guess what sells this movie is that it has really good props and wardrobe. You can tell some of the actors relish their roles—Katie Holmes and Daniel Craig look like they are having so much fun, as if they have been waiting their whole lives to dress up in West Virginia hillbilly drag.

Logan Lucky poses some interesting questions: What makes a good person? What is authentic? Though the protagonists in this movie are thieves and criminals, you find yourself rooting for them. Do it! Rob that NASCAR! Take all their money! I found myself thinking as I watched this movie. I believe it speaks to the mood of the nation in that Logan Lucky and Baby Driver are two of the most acclaimed films of 2017, and they are both about charismatic robbers who aim to pilfer the coffers of the corporate system.

Can I Take the Kids? PG-13. Some bad language and bad role models.

Verdict: I liked it. I don’t know if it’s a must-see at the movie theater, but it’s a fun movie.


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