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New Thor Movie: Blanchett for the Win


Thor God of Thunder

If I were to live in any one of the Marvel movies, I would live in the Thor universe. Seriously, just let me save up a few quid and plonk down for my down payment on a condo in Asgard. In Thor Ragnarok we have our beloved Norse gods having a dandy ole time until Thor’s sister Hela (Cate Blanchett) shows up. She is perpetually grumpy, and has many temper tantrums. She also crushes Thor’s hammer like nothing.

Then again she is the Goddess of Death, so maybe we can forgive her for being tempermental. I’d probably be in a bad mood too, if I were the Goddess of Death. I wasn’t sure if I would like Thor until I saw Cate the Great show up. She is in a small group of female actors including Julianne Moore, Parker Posey and Meryl Streep that I will watch regardless of what they appear in.

The Run Down

So it is between Thor and his terminally unreliable brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to stop the Goddess of Death from doing generally unfavorable things to Thor and the rest of Asgard. I believe it is worth mentioning (this is an extremely important part of my review), that not many people can pull off a black lycra body suit with emerald green piping, but Cate Blanchett does just that with panache. She accessorizes it with a giant set of onyx Caribou antlers perched upon her head. This is THE LOOK.

The Critique

I loved Thor Ragnarok—and for someone who doesn’t read comic books—I find this series especially transportive and magnificent on the full screen. It is strongest when Chris Hemsworth rolls off wry one-liners. I also loved when the beautiful scenes from Asgard and other dimensions emerge in front of you in 3D. I felt this way for the last Thor as well, but the art direction in this movie is astonishing.

The movie was at its worst when you have jokey references to other Marvel movies—I’m not emotionally invested enough to remember the petty rivalries and squabbles between the superheroes. Also, Chris Hemsworth makes me want to immediately go home and do about 1500 burpies and goblet squats. He gets to coast through life looking like that, and I get to go through life … I think I’ll save that conversation for the therapist. I’ll just say that I generally feel like the Creature from the Black Lagoon after gazing at Hemsworth’s chiseled features for two hours.

By far the biggest downfall in Thor Ragnarok was Loki’s lacefront. Could Marvel not find a wig to suit him that looked a little less “wiggy”? We know Loki is up to no good, but that wig looked dry and thirsty. Obviously they should call Courtney Act from RuPaul’s Drag Race so she can get them a discount at Wigs by Vanity dot com. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

The Verdict

#RingingEndorsement. Go see it in a theater in 3D.

Can I Take the Kids?

Some violence. PG-13.

Thor Ragnarok Movie Trailer

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